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Charizard or Salamance?

Posted on 15 March 2012, at 5.58pm with 89 notes
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  10. justhigherthanyou answered: Charizard
  11. stanrus answered: Dragonite… er I mean Charizard
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  13. shoro-envy answered: Charizard
  14. lolidrop answered: Charizard~ x3
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  16. jbugx answered: Who would win? Well it depends on many factors like hold items and levels as well as stats to begin with there is not right or wrong answer.
  17. keinchiryuu answered: Charizard sorry :D
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  19. chalk0utlined answered: fuuuuuuuuck. >< difficult choice is difficult.
  20. jagosjunk answered: salamance anytime !
  21. gamerdom answered: Well… Salamence would win in a fight, I think, but I like Charizard better.
  22. nature-undone33 answered: Charizard
  23. bloodredsnow answered: CHARIZARD <3
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  25. redmagecid answered: Does Charizard have Ice Moves?
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  27. whats-a-grand answered: Charizard
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  29. randomyu answered: charizar
  30. letmebeyourtlc answered: charizardddd
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  32. shinningforest answered: salamence