What if I told you…

..I got my White 2 version when it came out last October and I have not finished it? I stopped played when I got to Skyla’s gym because I was in the process of moving at the time. When I moved and things got calm and in order, I had lost interest in finishing it. I feel ashamed!!!! 

But I picked it up again and I’m training to battle Skyla. My team is Vibrava, Ampharos, Jolteon, Mightyena, Samurott & Gigalith.

I’m the type of trainer who always has her team in rotation and train all of my Pokemon in my current team at the same time. Depends on what I’m going up against, I switch teams. Doesn’t matter if the levels are very low. I’ll train until I reach the levels I have to. 

Example; I catch a Mareep, very low level and I know I’m going up against Skyla, I’ll put Mareep on my team and train until its level is high enough. Even if Mareep is level 6, I’ll train, I won;t care how long it takes me. :)

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    I hate when that happens
  2. wabbyswablu said: This is exactly what happened to me with White 2, too! Although I got it somewhere early this year and stopped playing only for a month… now I’m training for Clay’s Gym!
  3. chibiphlosion said: :’D same here… I got distracted from White 2 and SoulSilver because I was getting so much overtime at work or was graduating at that time, and then I felt like trying other games……and then PMD: Gates to Infinity came out.
  4. torchicz said: I’m the same, all my pokes need to be at the same level as long as I’m using them =3
  5. flaaffytaffy said: that’s the point in white 2 i’m at, too! and i’ve also taken my sweet time in playing the game, taking weeks/months long breaks from it at a time. i like stretching out my gameplay like that, playing whenever i’m in the mood. good luck beating skyla!
  6. neiratina said: I lost interest at the exact same place and I haven’t finished yet! Mostly because I’m doing a Poison monotype and I need to grind a lot because I have a lot of weaknesses, specially with the E4
  7. chocxbo said: im actually in the very same boat! i got b2 when in college and never got around to finishing it. i stopped around skyla too but ive started playing it again recently
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    I envy you.
  9. mastershortpantsx3 said: I got mine in December and still need to face the Elite four. So yeah I’m not done either ^_^;;
  10. ghostofdivided said: I semi do that lol
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